DONA Summit 2022

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  • 1.  Great Job!

    Posted 10-31-2022 14:48
    Thank you Melissa and conference committee for an amazing event! I know it is a lot of work putting on a virtual conference and hope you get a few days rest this week after a job well done!

  • 2.  RE: Great Job!

    Posted 11-01-2022 08:18
    It was phenomenal! I  was not able to make many of the live sessions due to client needs but I am looking forward to extending the inspiration and excitement for a few more days as I go through the recordings. 

    Congratulations conference committee!

    Karen Kelly PCD (DONA)
    Maryland/DC Ambassador
    Ellicott City, MD USA

  • 3.  RE: Great Job!

    Posted 11-02-2022 01:47
    I agree!  It was a great Summit!  I learned so much and am still learning as I go through more sessions. I just made a list of sessions I am going to watch more than once!  (Pretty much all of them;)

    Warm regards,
    Connie Sultana
    Doula Support, Training and Childbirth Ed
    Doula Workshops:
    • Nov 11 - 13, Santa Rosa
    • January 27-29, Santa Rosa
    Lamaze Passion for Birth Childbirth Educator Training:
    • Nov 18, 19 & 20 - Santa Rosa
    (707) 695-2568 9-5 PST
    DONA Certified Doula
    DONA Birth Doula Workshops
    Lamaze Certified Educator
    Lamaze Childbirth Educator Trainer
    Lactation Counselor

  • 4.  RE: Great Job!

    Posted 29 days ago

    Thank you especially to Melissa your organizational and marketing skills shined. Thank you to all the conference committee for the BEST virtual conference!!!! I have been to every one of the virtual conferences and this was the best so well organized. It was an amazing event! I know it is a lot of work! 

    Can someone give me the link again for the pearls of wisdom survey that was mentioned in the chat of several of the sessions.

    Thanks again for a wonderful job!! 

    Cheri B. Grant RN, ICCE,CLC,ICD,CD, BDT(DONA)
    (918) 606-4561

  • 5.  RE: Great Job!

    Posted 27 days ago
    I agree. Fabulous conference. I liked that there was a good mix of Prenatal and PP topics. I appreciate the hard work put forth by all!

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  • 6.  RE: Great Job!

    Posted 26 days ago
    Definitely well organized! Melissa Harley and Brooke Zoom doula! Great job 👏👏

    Augie Rigual
    Director of Global Development

  • 7.  RE: Great Job!

    Posted 30 days ago
    This was such a great summit, again, thank you to everyone for finding just the right speakers for where we are as a country and the state of the world. Melissa, great job!

    Christine Cleary
    Monrovia CA
    (405) 831-4473