Dalia Abrams, MA MPH

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I have been doing birth work since 1997, starting with teaching childbirth classes, then adding breastfeeding and doula support. In 2013 I became a DONA approved birth doula trainer.  In 2011 I co-founded BirthWell Partners, a community doula project, with Susan Petrus (CD(DONA) and LCCE)
I have lived many places in my life. These past 20 years are the first time I have lived in the same city and same house for more than about 5 years at a time. But my temperament is to settle and nest, to become familiar with my surroundings and gather a support network of friends. So, I have always felt like an outsider, except for a few years when I lived in Israel and felt at home. I believe this, and the fact that I am a Jew/minority, have shaped me. I know what it feels like not to belong, not to know things everyone takes for granted, to feel lost.

I have also always lived in privilege: never unable to have what I needed, or wanted; except for my deep need to have my friends near by. Being financially privileged means that I have always had the luxury to devote myself to work for change; needing to earn a living, but not depending on my income to live.

I believe my life has shaped me to understand some of the social justice issues birth-givers and families are facing, and to also have the time and space to try to do something about it. It has allowed me the luxury of passion.