Dr. Marlo Robinson, DNP, JD, RN

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2114 North Flamingo Road Suite 1261
Pembroke Pines, FL
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Primary Phone: (305) 979-2823
Directory Phone: (954) 433-2273


My name is Marlo D. Robinson. I am honored to be a DONA Certified Birth Doula and Doula Trainer. I own and operate Mother's Care Doula Services, Inc. in South Florida.  I am proud to have been able to contribute Doula support, education and advocacy to the many clients we have served for more than 20 years!  We continue to be a leader in our area and enjoy many long-standing professional relationships with OBs, Midwives, Nurses, Prenatal Educators, Lactation Specialists and the wonderful community of Doulas in our area.  Mother's Care is the only Doula service to be name "Preferred Doula Provider" for 6 hospitals in our area.  We continue to work passionately and wholeheartedly, supporting our clients and teaching and mentoring future Doulas.  I am a mother of 5 amazing children and a wife to a loving and supportive husband.

My professional accomplishments include having served as a Regional Dean of Nursing at Concorde University prior to accepting the National Dean role which is the position I am currently in. I have served as a lead faculty member at Kaplan University in the creation of a nursing mentorship program whereby faculty and students entering their first core nursing course were partnered with a faculty mentor for ultimate student success during the program and post-graduation. I’ve also served as a lead faculty member with a focus on NCLEX-RN® preparation, the establishment of mentorship programs for students and faculty professional development, creative teaching modalities on-line and on-ground and Obstetrics faculty at Chamberlain University. Faculty teaching credits also include Community and Public Health Nursing, Pediatrics, Genetics and Pathophysiology.  I have also created opportunities for future nurses to know about the role of Doulas and their contributions to maternity care by implementing teaching workshops specifically about Doulas, their benefits and how nurses and Doulas work together for nursing students who are doing their coursework and OB rotation in obstetrics.

My professional training began at the University of Miami (Florida) where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I also earned my Juris Doctorate degree at Nova Southeastern University following which I practiced real estate, transaction and corporate law in a law firm numbering over two hundred attorneys. Thereafter, I served as in-house counsel to the Sports Authority. I later earned my Masters of Nursing at Kaplan University and am currently enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Purdue University Global.

I’ve enjoyed speaking at numerous national conferences on topics including the power and importance of nurse leaders, self-care as a priority for those caring for others, legal matters facing nurses and how to critically think through such matters and the importance of Doulas in the clinical setting. I have had the privilege of presenting at the DONA International Summit, Lamaze Conferences and several other national conferences related to childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Additionally, I’ve been featured as a subject matter expert in the DVD- Caring for your Newborn Baby released October 2008.