Ms. Maria Andreoulaki, CD/BDT(DONA)

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I am a DONA approved Birth Doula and Birth Doula Trainer, living in Athens, Greece. Mother of two adult children, I now love to mother, care for and learn from nature, plants and trees.

I have found support and inspiration for my work through the study of Reflexology and Gentle Bio-Energetics as well as through my studies in music and dance - Piano Teaching Degree and BA(Hons) in Dance Theatre.

I have served as Country Representative and Communication Liaison for various local, national and international organizations in the perinatal field I have been involved in for the last 25 years, including ENCA (European Network of Childbirth Associations), DONA International, IMBCI (International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative). I am currently part of the Core Organizers' Team of EDN (European Doula Network).

I greatly enjoy singing and dancing, gardening, biking, reading, watching nature and the arts.

I envision a world of harmonious co-existence, where theory meets practice, where we live and teach by example, enjoying a life of happiness and fulfillment.