Eugenia Rodriguez, BA, CD(DONA), CLE, LCCE

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Former DONA Ambassador for Puerto Rico. I am passionate about helping mothers thrive through their pregnancy-motherhood experience. An advocate for lactation and baby development. I am able to combine my past experiences as Kindermusik educator, doula and childbirth educator to serve a diverse population of migrant and non-migrant families striving for better health care and self-sufficiency. We provide childbirth education, teach mothers how to make better decisions, understand the process of informed shared consent and advocate on their behalf. I also facilitate a lactation support group and have developed and deliver several workshops workshop to promote mom-infant attachment, lactation topics.

I have eight years of experience in the communication field and six years as a Kindermusik facilitator. Due to these opportunities I became an entrepreneur and opened a market for children services in 2004, called Zapezoom, Zapezoom provided a friendly environment for early childhood stimulation programs through music and movement for children 3 month to 7 years old. It also included ballet, occupational therapy and a front store. In the past, I also volunteer for DONA International advocating for doulas among hospitals in Puerto Rico. DONA International is the premier doula certification program in the world.

I enjoy seeking out new opportunities that allow me to practice my abilities while supporting others in learning how to make better decisions for their health care and life. I’m the mother of a strong will, beautiful teenager with whom I learn to let go, flow and respect. I am a spiritual seeker with interest in Buddha’s teachings and mindfulness practices. As a Hashimoto patient I’m avid about nutrition topics and complimentary medicine. I once dream to play the violin (what a difficult instrument!). Currently I’m working on strengthening my finances to pursue my own business, travel and keep learning Portuguese. I love singing and enjoy a walk in nature, swimming & silence.