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When we experienced physical pain, our natural instinct is to resist that pain and to do anything we can to distract ourselves from it, but this resistance can actually cause us to tense our muscles even more tightly. Ultimately creating more pain. I’ve found using meditation of a brief scan of the body can create deep relaxation and in most cases pain relief. With chronic pain conditions, it becomes even more important to soften this resistance so that we can find more freedom in body in mind, and guided meditation is a daily practice, so be patient with yourself if you don’t experience lasting relief right away. Instead of mentally running away from yourself and your pain.

For this guided meditation, I invite you to try really tuning into your body. Begin by lying down in Shavasana, the corpse pose. The feet are relaxed, hip distance apart, and the arms are extended alongside the body with the palms facing up. If you experienced any pain in your lower back, try placing a bolster underneath the knees. If this still doesn’t feel right to you, you also have the option to lie on your side with a pillow between your knees, no pillow under your head in order to keep the spine in alignment. Make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Optional: If you have any healing crystals or gemstone mala beads you can place these on the parts of your body where you need some healing energy and relief from pain. The best crystals and gemstones to ease pain are: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Chrysocolla and Black Tourmaline. These stones can help to reduce swelling, remove or dissolve energy blockages and provide relief from pain. You can purchase these stones as bracelets or necklaces from health LineRX.

Once you’re settled in, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, completely filling the belly with breath. As you inhale, releasing the body into stillness. With each exhale to set an intention for your meditation practice right now, making a commitment to be present with yourself and the sensations that may arise during this practice. Surrendering any resistance, letting go of expectations, continuing to breathe deep belly breaths. Bring your awareness to your body. Allow yourself to completely feel any pain or fatigue or any other sensations that may be present. Mentally go to the place in your body that may be feeling the most painful right now. Experience the sensation of pain without any attempt to resist it or change it. Maybe you’ll notice the sensation has a color or a texture or maybe a feeling of hot or cold, heavy or light. To simply observe the sensation without judgment. Breathing deeply into the belly, imagine you could send that breath directly into this most painful part of your body, inviting the breath to create softness. Inhale, bringing healing energy into your body and each exhale, dissolving any tension, your awareness now to a part of your body where you have the least amount of pain or maybe even no pain at all.

Fully immerse yourself in this sensation. Just the sensation. Have a color texture. Does it feel hot or cold, heavy or light? Breathing deeply into this feeling. See if you can expand this sensation, moving it through your body like a healing light, illuminating all the dark places of your body. Experiencing the entire body as a whole. Feeling your skin, your muscles, your bones, your internal hurricanes, sensing each and every one of your beautiful cells embracing your entire body exactly as it is in this moment with acceptance and to laugh.

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