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Description Essay

When a reader experiences sight, smell, sound, taste and touch from reading what you have written, then it could be said that you have written a fine description essay. In this kind of writing you present the subject matter in precise sensory detail. By placing relevant adjectives, verbs and adverbs strategically and by using similes and metaphors at different points throughout your writing, you will open the reader’s senses to the experience of your message. This holds true of both, academic and professional writing.

Throughout this article from the "help with math problems" website, the example of heavy rains affecting people in different regions differently will be used to explain the objectives and characteristics of the description essay.

  • The Dominant Message: What is the dominant message of your description writing? Is it the showcasing of the plight of the affected in the regions being lashed by heavy rainfall? Or is about the apathy of the ruling party towards the suffering? Or will you want to focus on the respite the rain has provided to certain drought struck regions? Based on your decision of the dominant message, you will collect details that will be your building blocks for the description essay or article.
  • Decide on the Tone: Will the tone of your article or essay be objective or will it be subjective?
  • Objective: An objective tone will focus on the facts. What time did it began raining, measurement of the rainfall, acreage of land submerged and number of people dead or missing are all relevant objective facts. You could also use the time it took the State Government to get the rescue operations underway or discuss the two year drought in the region broken by these torrential rains.
  • Subjective: A subjective tone will not only mention the facts, but will also convey emotion, attitude and feeling. The wail of a mother when she saw her son sucked into an open manhole, wet and shivering children perched on treetops for three days and two nights, the brightness of color as the dust is washed away, the happy children playing in puddles of rainwater for the first time, after two years of drought.
  • Hierarchy of flow: A quality description writing will have a smooth flow to it. It is important to guide the reader through space and time in chronological order so that it is easy to visualize the sequence of events.
  • Time: Here, you could mention the time when the rains hit a particular region and speak about the reaction of the people. What time did the authorities decide that State aid would be required? When did aid actually arrive?
  • Aim of descriptive writing: Review your writing for its ability to make the reader believe and feel what you are trying to convey. The aim of descriptive writing is not merely to richly describe; the aim is to persuade. Remember, a description essay is still an essay. You will find some examples of descriptive essays at our "philosophy help" company.
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