Ms. Irene Wilkerson, BSN, CCRN, MPH

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Hello! My name is Irene! 

I am a neonatal registered nurse with over 5 years of experience in the field. I love the work that I do in the NICU with both my teeny tiny patients and their families. One of the favorite parts of my job is witnessing the power of birth and facilitating the first moments of parents bonding with their newborn. There is nothing like it!

I have always had a special affection for the birth experience in general. However, I’m particularly drawn to the idea of empowering and supporting LGBTQIA+ and Black birthing families to combat the higher rates of adverse neonatal and maternal outcomes and negative birth experiences in these marginalized community. I want to educate, advocate, and uplift birthing families that have otherwise been left out of discussions. 

I am so ready to start the journey of training to support families during this beautiful time of life. I am a novice in the doula community so please please, reach out, connect with me!