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As a birth doula, Teresa began her interest in birth work over 7 years ago when she began specializing in newborn photography and volunteering with over 50 pregnancy/infant demise families. Beyond her photography degree (Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA), Teresa sought to expand her knowledge of maternal and infant care so that she could better serve families in her studio. 

After encouragement from those she knew in the birth community, Teresa began serving as a birth doula and received her training from DONA International (Washington, D.C.; certification 3/10/2021). After working with families experiencing late term perinatal loss and with her passion to serve all births (full-spectrum) and birth families, Teresa is familiar with a wide range of birth practices and enjoys speaking with families who wish to learn more about their birth options. 

Teresa calls the states of Michigan, Georgia, Maryland, and Hawai’i (where she currently resides) ‘home’. While completing her certification, Teresa enjoys learning more about energy healing, introducing ‘medically minded’ families to additional birth options, and educating herself on human rights advocacy opportunities. 

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Currently accepting in-person and virtual birth support clients.

Teresa Robertson
Oahu, Hawaii