Clarke' Lunara, B.S.

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Professionally, Clarke' Lunara (she/her) is a certified birth doula, childbirth educator, figure skating coach, and organic vegetable farmer. She has been serving families in her community for the past 6 years from all around Delaware, to the Chicagoland area, and now currently in northern Virginia. While studying at the University of Delaware for Biochemistry and Chemistry, Clarke' came across the role and work of doulas "by accident" while doing research on how various delivery methods, stressors, and lifestyle factors impact a birthing persons & baby's gut flora, immune system, and various areas of health. This interest catapulted her into the work and advocacy that she feels passionate about today - supporting families, birth workers, communities, and our society at large to be equipped with knowledge and trust in their body's innate wisdom.
Clarke' started out as a private doula for several years, then transitioned into her work as a community-centered doula. With the privilege of supporting, learning from, and growing with young families in Chicagoland, where she was moved by the life-changing practices of strength based communication, deep community resourcing, & TRULY trusting that parents are the experts of their babies and their bodies. She believes that it is every person's right to be centered in their care, wishes, and choices, especially when it comes to bringing forth babies, families, and conscious communities!
Personally, Clarke' is a daughter, wife, mother, sister, god-mother, and friend most often found holding hands with the little people in her life, going for a hike or backpacking with her husband and son in tow, cooking while baby-wearing, or talking about zero-waste living and sustainability.
She is excited to support doulas, trainers, and this community in all things education, and cannot wait to get to know you! Please never hesitate to reach out at