Newsletter Committee Position

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Starts: 05-11-2023


To gather and create content for DONA International Eblast newsletters.

Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:
● Gather the information provided by Director of Communications and Board of Directors
to be communicated via email newsletter
● Organize the information into weekly newsletters to DONA International’s target member
audiences (aspiring DONA certified doulas, DONA certified doulas, DONA trainers, and
the general public)
● Bring newsletters to Director of Communications and Board of Directors for approval and
● Ensure all DONA documents are in alignment with the DONA brand (fonts, color, logos,
● Bringing forward recommendations and ideas for improvement to the Director of
● Executing tasks as approved by the board, director, and approved in the annual goals
● Providing feedback as requested by DONA leadership or staff
● Collaborating to improve systems within the committee area of interest
● Current DONA International member
● DONA certified doula in good standing for one full certification period
● Excellent organization and communication skills
● Excellent editing capabilities
● Excellent attention to detail
● Phone, email and Internet capability

Time Needed (per month):
Five (5) to ten (10) hours

Duration of Appointment:
Two (2) years, which is renewable

Responsible to:
Director of Communications
Board of Directors


Leadership Positions:

3 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

As indicated in the job description


Joyce Dykema