5. Membership Director

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Signup Deadline: 11-20-2023
Starts: 11-21-2023
Ends: 11-21-2023


Purpose of Job:

To uphold the mission and vision of DONA International. To govern, establish and oversee policy, direct the activities of leadership, committees and management, and approve all actions pertaining to the business of DONA International. To promote and represent DONA International to the membership and world at large

Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:

• Provide organizational leadership and advisement
• Formulate and oversee policies and procedures
• Adopt, review and fulfill strategic initiatives
• Determine, regularly evaluate and monitor DONA International’s programs and services
• Attend all Board of Director meetings and participate in teleconference meetings
• Provide oversight of the board, committees, management and others involved in the governance, leadership and administration of DONA International’s business, finances and programs
• Evaluate committee structure to meet current and future organizational needs
• Submit semi-annual reports pertaining to activities within the respective department(s)
• Ensure necessary resources for the health and development of DONA International

Additional Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:

• Meet the required qualifications of a DONA International Board Director
• Personnel Management and/or team leadership experience
• Previous experience as a DONA International Ambassador (preferred not required)
• Previous experience as a DONA International Regional Membership Chair or Board Director (required)
• Efficient computer skills with Microsoft Word and Excel
• Loyally serve DONA International as a certified doula and member in good standing
• Recruit & maintain an active committee of Regional Membership Chair
• Mentoring Regional Membership Chair while overseeing their individual actions
• Act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the Regional Membership Chair
• Serve as an administrator on the DONA International Ambassador social media forums
• Determine and evaluate current member needs
• Develop and implement appropriate member services

Position Geographic Boundaries:

• Eastern Division consists of Eastern Canada, Northeastern US, Southeastern US, Midwestern US
• Western Division consists of Western Canada, Western Pacific US, Southwestern US, Mexico/International

Responsible to:

Board of Directors

Required Qualifications:

• DONA certified doula in good standing for one full recertification period

•Experience, knowledge, training and facilitation skills in the areas of birth equity, cultural diversity, cultural awareness, and/or cultural humility is strongly preferred
•Leadership and management experience, preferred
•Excellent organization and communication skills
•Commitment to serve
•Phone, email and Internet capability

Duration of Term:

One (1) three (3) year term

Time Needed (Per Week):

Variable according to position: 5-10 hours

Application Procedure:

1.A resume' or curriculum vitae
2.A one (1) page letter of intent, which covers the applicant’s goals for the position, demonstrates a working knowledge if the time commitment and responsibilities of the position; expresses a desire to serve DONA International and explains why the applicants the right person for the position
3.Reference phone and email contact information from two (2) professional references and one personal reference who can attest to the applicant’s qualifications
4.List of your doula community involvement, connections and contact information
5.Disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest should be made with the application by completing the Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Form 

Leadership Positions:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

As indicated in the job description


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