Conference Planning Committee

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Starts: 07-01-2023


Purpose of Job:

To work with other DONA volunteer leaders to plan and execute the annual DONA International Summit.

Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Speaker Selection
    • Propose potential speakers to speaker selection committee
    • Provide the Conference Committee with updates on speaker selection
    • Participate in review process to evaluate and score proposals with committee to select speaker
      line up.
    • Participate in coordination of collection of W9s, bios, copy of presentation and all
      other necessary documents to member of speakers team.
    • Provide copies of presentations to marketing coordinator
    • Provide the Conference Committee updates on what documents are missing for
    • Notify staff of all the checks that need to be created for speakers
    • Create thank you letters for speakers and source small speaker gifts
    • Work with President to get thank you letters signed by President and distributed to
    • Manage speaker benefits such as comp hotel room and travel
    • Provide speakers with directions to venue and other relevant materials
    • Work with volunteer coordinator to make sure speakers have speaker doulas and are
      taken care of on site
  • Exhibits and Sponsors
    • Contribute ideas to create a package for reaching out to potential exhibitors and sponsors
    • Work with a team of volunteers in charge of soliciting potential exhibitors and sponsors
    • Update a tracking document and provide Conference Coordinator updates on exhibitor selection
    • Provide selected exhibitors with the conference agenda, booth location, set up timing and details, and other relevant information
    • Organize sponsor logos and provide to marketing for inclusion on the website and other marketing materials as promised.
    • Schedule group or one-on-one calls with exhibitors to answer any question they have on set up logistics
    • On the day of the event, walking around the exhibitor area and talk with exhibitors to ensure they have everything they need
    • Work with marketing and printing to ensure that logos are included on print or digital materials at the event
    • Secure a target of ten (10) paying exhibitors that are relevant to doulas and the conference theme
  • Marketing and Communication
    • Collaborate to develop marketing plan and schedule for 2023 conference
    • Assist in creating social media strategy with Conference Committee
    • Work closely with Publications to put announcements and marketing ads in the
      International Doula Magazine
    • Work closely with Publications to send emails to members
    • Explore creative ideas to get DONA members excited about the conference
    • Assist in development of speaker slides, announcement slides, and other marketing materials
    • Work with selected marketing vendor to format agenda and signage for the day of the
  • Surprises and Activities
    • Provide suggestions to Conference Committee on ways to enhance the conference
    • Provide suggestion to Conference Committee on possible activities (i.e. yoga, local
      tourist destinations) that will be available to conference attendees
    • Work through the logistics of booking activities and necessary transportation
    • Consult with Marketing and PR Chairs prior to finalizing any products
  • Special Touches
    • Work closely with Conference Committee to plot small delights for conference attendees
    • Brainstorm ideas on how music, art and culture can be integrated into the conference
  • Merchandise
    • Work with team on developing a conference t-shirt
    • Work with Marketing Chair on ideas for marketing conference t-shirt
    • Source swag items for all attendees
    • Participate in calls with conference committee and provide input on the conference
    • planning process
  • Participate in calls with Conference Committee and provide input on the conference
    planning process

Responsible to:

  • DONA Conference Coordinator

Required Qualifications:

  • DONA certified doula in good standing 
  • Excellent organization and demonstrated effective communication skills
  • Commitment to serve
  • Phone, email and internet capability

Duration of Term:

One (1) one (1) year term

Time Needed (Per Week):

Variable according to timeline: 2-5 hrs per week

Application Procedure:

  1. A resume' or curriculum vitae (optional)
  2. Enter a letter of intent which covers the applicant’s goals for the position, demonstrates a working knowledge of the time commitment and responsibilities of the position; expresses a desire to serve DONA International and explains why the applicant is the right person for the position
  3. Disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest should be made with the application.  Please download and complete the Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Form.


Applications are due by Friday, March 31, 2023

Leadership Positions:

5 (5 open slots)

Experience Required:

As indicated in the job description


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