Certification Committee

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Starts: 05-10-2023


Purpose of Job:
To review applications for certification as DONA birth and postpartum doulas. to review applications for recertification as DONA birth and postpartum doulas. 

Standing members include the President, President Elect, Director of Certification, Director of Education, , six (6) DONA certified doulas in good standing from the general membership. Consultants to the committee include the Director
of Education, Director of Certification and, as a provisional member, any Board of Director with an understanding of a language other than English. 

Responsible to:
Director of Certification
Board of Directors


  • Must be a certified (for a minimum of one (1) year) birth and/or postpartum doula, respectively
  • Recertification reviewer must have been an active reviewer in good standing with a minimum of one (1) year experience as a certification reviewer in on the certification committee; (ideally) having personally recertified as a DONA doula at least once
  • Multi-lingual qualifications include fluency in at least one language in addition to English of which DONA International certification documents are available
  • Good working knowledge of DONA International, the birth and/or postpartum doula Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics and the certification and/or recertification requirements  
  • Efficient computer skills, including Microsoft Word and PDFs
  • Phone, email and internet capability
  • International phone plan or Skype account
  • Good interpersonal skills and willingness to offer guidance to certification candidates

Time needed (per week):

A minimum of 5 hours

A nominal per-packet stipend will be paid for each packet reviewed, upon receipt of the required expense report

Application procedure:

1. Complete online application
2. A resume or curriculum vitae (optional)
3. Disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest should be made with application
4. Signed confidentiality agreement

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Any questions about this volunteer leadership opportunity can be directed to certificationdirector@dona.org

Leadership Positions:

6 (6 open slots)

Experience Required:

As indicated in the job description


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