Conference Onsite Committee

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Signup Deadline: 11-20-2023
Starts: 11-21-2023
Ends: 11-21-2023


Purpose of Job:

To work with other DONA volunteer leaders to plan and execute the annual DONA International Summit.

Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Onsite Volunteers (Team Lead)
      • Responsible for on-site coordination of volunteers, Doula the volunteer doulas!
      • Lead a team of volunteers who help the conference days runs smoothly
      • Lead volunteer orientation and act as a support for the volunteer team
      • Set up schedule for volunteers to staff conference as needed (registration desk,
        merchandise table, silent auction table etc.
      • Develop materials to support volunteer coordination on site
      • Check in with conference coordinator and staff during event to make sure needs are
        being met and make adjustments to teams as needed
      • Work with special touches to recognize volunteers on site with swag and other recognition
      • Assign volunteers to review rooms prior to sessions to ensure clean and properly set up
      • Work to assist any attendees who are self-identified as having special needs
    • Room Doulas
      • Make sure room set up is as requested for speaker session
      • Assist attendees with any questions/needs they may have
    • Speaker Doulas
      • Ensure speaker knows where session is taking place
      • Assist speaker with any needs/questions
    • Merchandise
      • Responsible for setting up merchandise 
      • Participate in staffing the merchandise area
      • Answer any customer questions
    • First-Time Attendee Doulas
      • Participating in a first-time attendee orientation
      • Answering questions from first-time attendees
    • Logistics
      • Working with a team to coordinate delivery and set up of conference materials
      • Participating in daily walk-through of events
      • Serving as liaison between vendors, speakers, attendees and conference team, staff and hotel

    Responsible to:

    • DONA Conference Coordinator

    Required Qualifications:

    • DONA certified doula in good standing 
    • Excellent organization and communication skills
    • Commitment to serve
    • Phone, email and Internet capability
    • Other qualifications, specific to individual positions

    Duration of Term:

    One (1) year

    Time Needed (Per Week):

    Variable according to timeline: 1-5 hrs

    Application Procedure:

    1. A resume' or curriculum vitae (optional)
    2. Enter a letter of intent, which covers the applicant’s goals for the position, demonstrates a working knowledge of the time commitment and responsibilities of the position;  expresses a desire to serve DONA International and explains why the applicant is the right person for the position
    3. Disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest should be made with application by completing the Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Form.

     Applications are due by Friday, March 31, 2023

    Leadership Positions:

    5 (5 open slots)

    Experience Required:

    As indicated in the job description


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