2. DEI Director

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Starts: 07-01-2023


Purpose of the Job:

Assess the need to increase diversity among the membership and leadership of the organization and make recommendations and create programs to address those needs. Fulfill the responsibilities of a DONA International Board of Director, as outlined on the Board of Director Position Description

Additional Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:

• Assess the needs of the intercultural doula population and the communities they serve
• Explore and establish guidelines for outreach and promotion of DONA International’s mission and vision
• Identify issues, explore and establish outreach guidelines, review policies and uphold the mission and vision to make DONA International accessible to all people who choose to become doulas or serve people of multicultural, multiethnic and diverse heritage
• Enhance intercultural sensitivity among doulas toward each other and toward clients from diverse cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic groups
• Recruit and maintain an active Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
• Oversee the activities of the committees and subcommittees of the Intercultural division
• Provide consultation for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion perspective on DONA International committees, as needed
• Administrator of DONA International Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Facebook Group

Required Qualifications:

• Meet the required qualifications of a DONA International Board of Director
• Education in and/or knowledge of varied cultures, races, ethnicities and socio-economic experiences
• Experience working with intercultural groups
• Loyally serve DONA International as a certified doula and member in good standing
Standing Committee Member of:
• Publications Committee (Review Sub-Committee)
• Nominations Committee (Review Sub-Committee)
• Membership Committee
• Advocacy Committee

Duration of Appointment:

One (1) three (3) year term, non-renewable, term year commencing on Jan. 1 & expiring Dec. 31

Time Needed (Per Week):

5 +/- hours


Leadership Positions:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

As indicated in the job description


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