4. Treasurer

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Signup Deadline: 11-20-2023
Starts: 11-21-2023
Ends: 11-21-2023


Purpose of Job:

To uphold the mission and vision of DONA International. To govern, establish and oversee policy,
direct the activities of leadership, committees and management, and approve all actions
pertaining to the business of DONA International. To promote and represent DONA International
to the membership and world at large

Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:

• Provide organizational leadership and advisement
• Formulate and oversee policies and procedures
• Adopt, review and fulfill strategic initiatives
• Determine, regularly evaluate and monitor DONA International’s programs and services
• Attend all Board of Director meetings and participate in teleconference meetings
• Provide oversight of the board, committees, management and others involved in the
governance, leadership and administration of DONA International’s business, finances
and programs
• Evaluate committee structure to meet current and future organizational needs
• Submit semi-annual reports pertaining to activities within the respective department(s)
• Ensure necessary resources for the health and development of DONA International

Additional Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:

• Serve on the Executive Committee
• Make public a financial statement for the membership on an annual basis
• Provide full and accurate books of account as the Board of Directors may require and
exhibit the same to and Director upon application therefore
• Generally, oversee the keeping of records of all meetings and teleconferences of the
Board of Directors and Executive Committee, as well as the annual membership meetings
• Collaborate with the Executive Director to oversee the fiscal affairs of the organization
• Present, on behalf of the Executive Committee, to the Board of Directors an annual budge
for the organization, developed in concert with the Executive Director
• Monitor budgetary performance of the organization, reporting to the Executive Committee
any concerns and recommending modifications as necessary
• Review all actions and policies with major financial implications and provide a
recommendation to the Board
• Review and approve financial transactions (reimbursements and pre-approving check
cuts) on a regular basis
• Review check logged
• Ensure a financial audit is conducted by an independent certified public accountant on an
annual basis
• Report to the membership on the fiscal affairs of the organization, during the annual
member meeting, as approved by the Board
• Serve as chair of the Finance Committee
• Assist the President as appropriate
• Prepare the next Treasurer to carry out their responsibilities
• Represent the organization at the request of the President
• Serve on committees as appointed, specifically the Doula Spirit Fund and the UnderResourced Fee Waiver Fund

Responsible to:

Board of Directors

Required Qualifications:

• DONA certified doula in good standing for one full recertification period
• DONA International Board or Committee experience within last three years
• Successful completion of Board term or Committee service
• Leadership and management experience, preferred
• Excellent organization and demonstrated effective communication skills
• Commitment to serve
• Phone, email and Internet capability
• Other qualifications, specific to individual positions
• Background in accounting and/or finance

Duration of Term:

One (1) three (3) year term, non-renewable, except for a presidential term

Time Needed (Per Week):

Variable according to position: 6 to 8 hours

Leadership Positions:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

As indicated in the job description


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