Document Review Committee Position

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Starts: 05-11-2023


To assist with the final review of all DONA International non-periodical document updates, making recommendations to the Director of Communications and Board of Directors for consideration.

Duties/Major Areas of Responsibility:
Reviewing, editing, and revising DONA International non-periodical documents in collaboration with the Board of Directors and other DONA International committees at the direction of the Director of Communications. Documents that may need to be reviewed include but are not limited to the following:

○ Advanced Doula Application
○ Advanced Doula Eligibility and FAQ
○ Antiracism Policy
○ Approved Online Lactation Courses
○ Benefits of Birth and Postpartum Doulas Infographic
○ Birth Certification FAQ
○ Birth Certification Reading List
○ Birth Doula Certification Infographic
○ Birth Doula Certification Overview Guide
○ Birth Doula Guide to Lactation
○ Birth Doula Position Paper
○ Birth Evaluation Form
○ Birth Recertification Guide
○ Birth SOP/COE
○ Childbirth Class Observation Form
○ Client Confidentiality Release Form
○ Continuing Education CEU Application Form
○ DONA Fee Schedule
○ Doulas and Unassisted Birth Position Paper
○ Ethics Claim/Feedback Policy
○ Hospital Credentialing Position Paper
○ Inclusive Language Policy
○ Interview Guide for Families
○ Lactation Attendance Form
○ Membership Policy
○ Postpartum Certification FAQ
○ Postpartum Certification Reading List
○ Postpartum Doula Certification Infographic
○ Postpartum Doula Certification Overview Guide
○ Postpartum Doula Position Paper
○ Postpartum Recertification Guide
○ Postpartum SOP/COE
○ Press Release - ACOG 2017
○ Recertification Policy
○ Spanish Documents
○ Virtual Choir Information Sheet
○ Volunteer Conflict of Interest/Disclosure Form
○ Volunteer Reference Check Form
○ Whistleblower Policy
○ World Fee Schedule

● Ensure all DONA documents are in alignment with the DONA brand (fonts, color, logos,
● Bringing forward recommendations and ideas for improvement to the Director of
● Executing tasks as approved by the board, director, and approved in the annual goals
● Providing feedback as requested by DONA leadership or staff
● Collaborating to improve systems within the committee area of interest

Chair: 1
Committee Members: 4

● Current DONA International member
● DONA certified doula in good standing for one full certification period
● Excellent organization and communication skills
● Excellent writing and editing capabilities
● Excellent attention to detail
● Ability to collaborate with other departments
● Phone, email and Internet capability

Time Needed (per month):
One(1) to ten(10) hours

Duration of Appointment:
Two (2) years, which is

Responsible to:
Director of Communications
Board of Directors


Leadership Positions:

3 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

As indicated in the job description


Joyce Dykema