Julie Thompson, AdvCD(DONA)

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I decided to become a DONA International birth doula trainer so I could also bring this International organization to Australia, Honduras, Mexico, and other countries along with trainings all over the USA.  I love conducting workshops and look forward to teaching them! I went on a Mission trip to Honduras to teach child birth education, breastfeeding, and attended a few births!  I have met many beautiful people in my workshops who share a passion for this work.  I have been a doula for 24 years, was designated the AdvCD(DONA) status, have been a certified postpartum doula 9 1/2 years, on the certification committee for DONA 19 years, a Childbirth educator at our local hospital for 8 years, an approved DONA birth doula trainer for 14 years, and a pregnancy massage therapist for 16 years and taught CBE at WCA hospital in Jamestown, NY for 2 years.  I am also certified as a an Infant massage Instructor, an evidence based birth instructor, and a certified lactation consultant.  I feel blessed to have been taught by Penny Simkin, (One of the founders of DONA), or email