Ms. ShaTaura Lewis

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ShaTaura Lewis, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Holistic Fertility Doula, and the Proud Owner if Doula & Beyond LLC. I'm a Doula in Birmingham, Al and surrounding areas, as well as via phone, live chat, email, website, and text. I'm extremely passionate in the services I provide for women & their families in all aspects of Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum. It will be with great honor to provide a great atmosphere where you will feel safe, supported, & become knowledgeable about your birth experiences. If you'll like to have your baby bump memorable I do Belly Casting. I’m a Peanut Ball Ambassador. 

I am a single mother of four boys. My motherhood started at 13 years old. I had a small amount of support and glad I did. Because I found out when I was going in my second trimester. So, I had to get educated really fast. Now a lot of those programs is no longer for a very long time now. I would love to continue to be of assistance with families so they’ll have confidence.