Marcia Thuermer, PCD/PDT(DONA)

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Marcia Thuermer, PCD/PDT(DONA), IBCLC, Pediatric Sleep Coach

 I became a certified postpartum doula and started Triangle Mothercare, Inc. a postpartum care agency serving the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC area in 2003.   I became extremely interested in lactation and became a Le Leche League Leader, then a CLC and finally becoming an IBCLC in 2009.  In 2010 I again added more expertise by becoming a pediatric sleep coach and in 2012 became a postpartum trainer with DONA.

As a business owner and postpartum doula, I kept busy helping new families get off to a good start and mentoring my staff to become the best they could be.  In December 2012 I sold my agency and relocated to Florida.  I currently own Baby Blue and Pink. A resource of diverse services and support for parents and caregivers of newborn babies, older babies and toddlers anywhere in the US and beyond.  As a DONA postpartum doula trainer, I travel all over the USA teaching DONA’s certification course for people who are passionate about starting a career working with babies and new parents.

My passion for babies and families led me to create and grow a successful business over the years.  My services, support and solutions provide a peaceful transition into parenthood for my clients and inspiration for my students.