Adriana Lozada, AdvCD(DONA)

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Adriana Lozada’s background is multi-layered and multi-cultural. A former print and online editor from Venezuela, the birth of her daughter sparked her passion for being a birth advocate, leading her to open Birthful: a company that helps new and expectant parents take on whatever maternity sends their way.

She is a certified Advanced Birth Doula, postpartum educator, healthy sleep consultant and eco-maternity consultant. Adriana is also the host of the Birthful Podcast, where she talks to amazing, knowledgeable, and passionate birth professionals every week, to help new and expectant parents inform their intuition, so they can have more rewarding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences.

As a postpartum educator, her current focus lies in preparing expecting parents for the first weeks with their newborns. She is able to provide this information to a vast array of expectant parents through her “Thrive With Your Newborn” online postpartum preparation series.

As a speaker and birth advocate, Adriana is on a mission to dismantle the commonly-used and externally-focused birth model, by replacing it with a template that truly supports and promotes birth ownership. She speaks at conferences and gives doula workshops on the topic.

As an author, she co-wrote “Soy de Pura Madre“, a half autobiography (written by well-known Venezuela actress and radio host, Ana María Simón), half pregnancy guide (written by Adriana), in Spanish. The first edition sold out in 3 months, and the e-book became #1 bestseller.

Adriana has lived all around the world and can communicate in 5 languages. “Mama” sounds roughly the same in all of them.