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Topics to Avoid in College Application Essay

For students who are applying for college or university admission, one of the undesirable tasks is writing a dreaded college application write my essay. But the fact is, they can’t ignore it. A common mistake that students make while tackling a college essay is to pick the wrong topic.

Here we have created a list of topics that should be avoided while writing a college application essay.

Listing Accomplishments

Although, a college essay is meant to know you and your life story there is no need to list down your accomplishments. Let the reader know about them through your experiences, not through you telling them one by one.

You might be the most fantastic person on the face of this earth, but nobody wants a recitation of your accomplishments. After reading your essay, the reader should come up with his own assessment of you, not you telling them what they should think about you.

Sensitive Topics

No matter how passionate you are about a sensitive topic, avoid preaching about it. The key topics that should be avoided: religion and politics. You never know who is going to read your essay and you don’t want him to get offended after reading your essay. avoid any topic that makes people angry.


To make someone laugh is the toughest task, so be careful while being funny. Something which seems funny to you might not be funny for others. You may have a story in your mind that is fun for you but is it funny for others as well?

You need to make sure that your funny story is funny for others as well. Make sure you’re being funny for a reason not just because you are trying to be funny. It should come naturally if it is not coming naturally then don’t force it.


The sports essays are very buy essay online, everyone knows how an athletic story will play out. So, if you are just making a story stop right there. Find another topic that interests you the most and which is unique and hasn’t been covered a million times.

Why You Are So Lucky

Well, you might be the luckiest person on this planet and you appreciate it, which is great. But, discussing it in your college essay doesn’t make sense. If you are the luckiest person alive who has a luxurious life, grown up in an affluent household, with all the facilities that go in, no need to share all those details with college admission officers.

The Most Important Person/Place/Thing in Your Life

Read it aloud. Doesn’t it sound like an assignment for second graders? It does, so try to avoid these kinds of topics, it won’t get you any points with college admission officers.

Death or Any Tragedy

Topics like death, breakup, divorce, or any other tragedy are cautionary because they are very difficult to write about. You might not be able to put your actual feelings in words. Everyone is not that expressive, so if you are not good at expressing feelings through words there is no way you choose such kind of topics.

If you passionately want to write about a tragedy that has a strong impact on your life, try to keep the focus on you. Think about the situation, go back in time and try to feel that moment again, how it affected you? What have you learned from it? Rather than just recalling the moment or the person you have lost.

Reciting Your Resume

The worst, absolute worst mistake you can ever make in your college essay is reciting your resume.

College admission officers already have your resume, they don’t need to read it all over again in another paper. They want to know more about you and your life, other than the life you have presented in your resume. They want to know about your extracurricular activities or the leadership position you custom essay.

You need to tell them something they don’t know already. It’s an opportunity to showcase yourself. Don’t waste it!

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